R&D Feature―Green intelligent?platform

R&D Feature-Green Intelligent Platform

Based on the grand vision of “Made in China 2025” that is proposed by the state,the green, automatic and informational production has become the goal of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Through the digital development of integrated laboratory, catalytic chemistry, modular automatic control, MES information system and environmental protection process pretreatment technology, a chemical production modular unit is established, and an automatic production line of pharmaceutical industry and a special information-based green control R&D system are formed.At present, a reaction validation module with full control mode and a modular production line in research verification type have been completed. Besides, some hardware facilities such as on-site synthesis standardization laboratory, automatic control system debugging laboratory, waste water system and waste gas system are completed successfully. With the passion and yearn for drug  R&D, the staff of the center always persist in the work attitude of seeking for perfection continuously and the innovation spirit of free and open,so as to keep on releasing a series of innovative products with independent intellectual property rights in the future, and strive for the goal of “A leading integrated operator with its core competitive advantages in the global pharmaceutical market”.

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