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Deepening communication and seeking common development | CPHI China 2023 Grand Review

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From June 19 to 21, CPHI China 2023 returned to Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong) after two years of absence. The exhibition, which has built up two years of anticipation for the pharmaceutical industry, starts from a new perspective, starting from a new perspective. At a critical moment when international communication is restored and global economy is revitalized, it not only provides a more diverse industry social feast for enterprises to accelerate innovation deployment and explore international cooperation, but also provides a high value-added ecological gathering place for pharmaceutical people throughout the entire industry chain, promoting industry exchange, cooperation, and common development, Promote pharmaceutical enterprises to link global markets and build high-quality trade platforms in a win-win situation through competition and cooperation.

As an international pioneer in the global pharmaceutical industry, under the leadership of General Manager, Dorra team has had in-depth communication with global partners and industry friends from all over the world, sharing market information, understanding industry development, negotiating cooperation matters, and achieving win-win cooperation between both parties. With the opening up of the epidemic, the development of the pharmaceutical industry has entered a new stage of rapid development. With the expansion of production capacity and the transformation of demand, Dorra Pharmaceutical has closely followed the trend, deeply cultivated the regulatory market, and completed the industry sinking, layout research and development, and production, providing customers with better quality services. Dorra team has reached consensus with customers, suppliers, and partners from various countries on the research and development, production and supply of generic pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, as well as regulatory registration, market sales, and CDMO services, to promote development, strengthen cooperation, and jointly create a future.

At the same time as the exhibition, the 12th CPHI China and World Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs Summit was held, which Dorra Pharmaceuticals was invited to participate in as a member unit of the Healthcare Insurance Chamber of Commerce. The theme of this summit is "Finding Certainty in Uncertainty", inviting government leaders and industry insiders from business and drug regulatory agencies to gather together to deeply explore the situation and problems faced in the post pandemic era, and find a high-quality development path for industrial internationalization. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the global pharmaceutical industry chain and supply chain over the past three years. The policy environment and internal and external conditions for the development of China's pharmaceutical industry have undergone profound changes, entering the high-quality development stage of accelerating innovation driven, promoting the modernization of the industrial chain, and integrating into the global industrial system at a higher level.


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