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Focus on the target and implement Agile target management through OKR

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In recent years, Dorra’s business type has expanded and business scale has increased rapidly, the strategic development path of the company is clear, and the upgrading of the company's business model is gradually implemented, the market value of the company's advantageous products has been highlighted, and the sales scale and market share have increased significantly. In 2022, Focusing on the general manager's instructions, Dorra continued to focus on the growth of trade and the in-depth development of the industry. Therefore, how to focus on targets and ensure the effective implementation of the company's strategy has become the focus of management in 2022.

In April 2022, the human resources department of Dorra organized a workshop of OKR agile target management, and conducted training on the OKR working method to comprehensively promote the practical implementation of OKR management tools.


During the training, in combination with online courses, the company organized offline symposiums, target communication meetings and OKR reading meetings to explain in detail how to use OKR work method to connect team strategy with personal behavior by quoting OKR content description, OKR planning and implementation management methods.

In order to better understand and use the OKR working method, the training is combined with the specific project of the company to guide all participants to carry out practical exercises, and provide scientific guidance for the implementation of OKR to break through the difficulties of implementation.


From OKR planning to the OKR review, it is more about the empowerment of employees' individual abilities. In the traditional KPI assessment, the objectives and performance are formulated by the enterprise management, and the tasks are also directly assigned by the superior. However, in the processes of OKR, the participation of each member is required, which is more conducive to the recognition of team members' targets and can stimulate the full potential of team members, so as to achieve better results.


From the assessment of performance results to the management of performance process, from focusing on the achievement of the strategic objectives of the company to focusing on individual growth of employees, so as to realize the win-win situation of employees and enterprise, the OKR work method promoted by Dorra not only strengthened the team building, but also established the coordinated development between employee, department and the overall goal of the company. In the future, Dorra will comprehensively build the company's core competitiveness through more effective management methods.


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