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【A Good Book】 Reading & sharing series activities -- Share of impression after reading 《Your first leadership job》

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Reading a good book is like making a good friend, the longer the time goes by, the deeper the friendship will be.

At the end of July, the second phase of the reading and sharing activities has been launched inside of Dorra Pharma. The participants were divided into two groups, in more than one month, both two group leaders led their members made an in-depth study of the book 《Your first leadership job》. Through serious thinking and lively discussion, the sparks of wisdom came out in the brainstorming time after time.

On September 17, the company held a meeting to share the impressions after reading, open up a collision of ideas!

During the meeting, members of each group presented their learning achievements, clearly sorted out the main idea of the book, then analyzed and summarized the skills and practical tips contained in the book combining with their practical work, and finally put forward suggestions to optimizing their work.

Members of Group A, based on their own experiences, explained how a new leader should select, lead, coach and retain their employees, they believe that the most important skill throughout the entire job of a novice leader is the skill of communication and interaction.

Through a humorous speech, the leader of Group B deeply analyzed the problems existed in the actual management work of the group members, extracted the common points of these problems, and put forward effective solutions.

Members of each group also shared their feelings, thoughts and understandings in the learning process.

After the wonderful presentation, the judges gave their objective comments on the contents, ideas and the representation of each group.

They also shared their understanding of "what is management" and "what is leadership". Finally, our CEO put forward that the leadership is the ability that we need to learn throughout our life. She hopes that though this study the managers could enhance their management awareness, and promote the sustainable development of the whole company.

Management runs through our daily life and work, while leadership is the ability to achieve goals and achieve success!

In this quiet evening, we read and shared a good book, we will keep learning, faithful and tireless!

Through Reading & Sharing series activities, we read the most beautiful words, share the wisdom, and take the power of books with us.

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