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Connect with heart - New staff communication meeting

发布时间: 2020-07-27 阅读:1422次

In order to enhance the communication, to promote the growth and to help the integration of new employees, the HR department of Dorra Pharma decided to build a communication platform for everyone, on July 2, Dorra Pharma held a new staff communication meeting in the first half of 2020.

Ice-breaking interaction

In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, through humorous and in-depth self-introduction, the new employees quickly upgraded their tacit understanding and narrowed the distance between them. Through the ice-breaking game, they also realized the importance of “cooperation” and “innovation” which is written in Dorra Pharma’s corporate spirits. 

Share from senior staffs

In order to strengthen the integration between the new hires and old employees, two key staffs were invited to share their experiences.

Dan Hou, the manager of Integrated management department, shared her 8-years progressive growth in Dorra Pharma, thanks to the meeting with her talent scout, and thanks to the cultivate from our General Manager Ms. Zhu, and thanks to the supports from Dorra Pharma's platform she successfully made the transition from an administrative front desk to a department manager, she also expounded to everyone her understanding of “loyalty” and “responsibility" of Dorra Pharma’s corporate spirits, and expressed her expectations and best wishes to every new hires.

Peng Han, a key employee of the Quality Department, shared her valuable experience gained from her work, self-driven, self-training, courage to assume responsibility and teamwork helped her to become the backbone staff from a "blank paper", she also hopes that all colleagues can make progress together in the future. 

New staff talks

The new hires spoke up actively and shared their feelings and thoughts since they joint Dorra Pharma team. They also expressed their recognition of the corporate culture which led all Dorra’s staff to be “positive”, “cooperative” and “socially responsible”. Everyone is full of confidence to make excellent achievements in their future work. 

Only when the hearts connected, can we join hands in the future. Though this new staff communication meeting, our new members got to know each other better, they had a deeper understanding of Dorra Pharma’s corporate spirits and culture, enhanced their sense of belonging to the company, which laid a good foundation for their rapid integration into Dorra Pharma team. 

We believe that in the future, our new staffs will devote themselves to their work with a better attitude and full enthusiasm, Dorra adheres “achieving the synchronous growth for employees and the company” as cultivation idea, we believe that this will lay a solid talent foundation for the development of Dorra Pharma, a green channel is open for all employees to achieve their improvement with the company together.



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