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‘Healthy Dorra’ Traditional Chinese Medicine Lecture

发布时间: 2018-12-04 阅读:261次

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history which takes an important part of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. Huang Di’s canon of Internal Medicine emphasizes that "a sage who cures illness that is still obscure". The sub-health and diseases are always inseparable with the life process. The occurrence of disease is the accumulation of pathogenic factors, and daily recuperation should be raised more attention.

With the accelerated pace of living and gradually increasing pressure of the middle-young people, the previous rare ‘sub-health’ has become a common phenomenon, such as Cervical spondylosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, malignant tumor and so on, of which the patients are showing a trend of becoming younger and younger. Dorra always pays attention to the health of the employees and their families with the rapid development of the company, with adhering to the principle of paying equal attention to the healthy development of the company and individuals. This lecture is aimed at strengthening one’s physique and diseases prevention for the employees by learning the Chinese medicine health concept combined with diet therapy, physical therapy and medicine therapy.

This TCM lecture was held in Shangri-La hotel on 23rd, Nov..

In this lecture, we’re honored to invite Professor Guo Lizhong, director of the Emergency Medical Research Institute, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese medicine, and Professor Liu Hongquan, director of Jiangsu Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, PhD supervisor.

Professor Guo introduced the traditional Chinese medicine concept of ‘preventive treatment of disease’ as well as the health knowledge about mind and body, diet and so on, whose lecture was simple but profound, made every participant benefit a lot.


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