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【Dorra Style】 Bright performance to show company competence in the exhibition.

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CPHI Madrid, 10.9-10.11

Under the leadership of company leaders, Dorra Team attended CPHI in Madrid. Our team on the booth displayed full spirit and professional attitude to the clients from all over the world. During the exhibition, Dorra people attracted a lot of customers with their professional knowledge and enthusiastic service. No matter how busy the expo was, they always communicated face to face and took detailed records of each case. Attribute to patient attitude on problem-solving with professional methods, Dorra has harvested a lot of business opportunities and public praises.

API Nanjing, 10.18-10.19

Leaded by the company leader, the sales team of Dorra attended API Nanjing exhibition, visited the suppliers actively, communicated with them face to face, and grasped the development trend of the industry.


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