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‘Healthy Dorra’ Traditional Chinese Medicine Lecture

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history which takes an important part of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. Huang Di’s canon of Internal Medicine emphasizes that "a sage who cures illness that is still o……



The third sports meeting, 2018

A funny autumn sports meeting opened on Oct.27.As the initial intention, this sports meeting can help enhancing the cohesion of the corporate, promoting the friendship of the colleagues and enriching their lives. After t……



【Dorra Style】 Bright performance to show company competence in the exhibition.

CPHI Madrid, 20.9-20.22Under the leadership of company leaders, Dorra Team attended CPHI in Madrid. Our team on the booth displayed full spirit and professional attitude to the clients from all over the world. During the……



【Company development】Decoration Project of Dorra’s New Office Starts Work

On Sep.27, the decoration project of Dorra's new office started work, which is located in Nanjing south railway station business circle, with the area of 2300 squaremeters. The new office is designed by well known do……



Company Welfare -2018 Medical Examination

With the social progress and development of people's living standards, people are paying more and more attention to their health when pursuing prosperity. In addition to specialized health preserving food therapy, ph……



DorraPharma—2018 Mid-year work summary

Time flies. 2028 has passed half. Looking back to the past half year, we believed that the company's achievements were hard-won which gathered with all employees’ effort and sweat. What’s more, the accumulated experi……

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