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CPHI Japan, 3.18-3.21

Under the leadership of company leaders, Dorra Team attended CPHI in Japan. Our team on the booth displayed full spirit and professional attitude to the clients from all over the world. During the expo, Dorra people attr……



Playing lantern riddles,Celebrating Lantern Festival

As the Lantern Festival is coming, the company held the Lantern Festival activity to celebrate this traditional festival. In the afternoon of Feb.29, the activity began at the meeting room where the colleagues gradually ……



2019 Dorra Pharmaceutical New Year Grand Ceremony

The harvest of the gongs and drums sounded a New Year, blooming plum writing the message of spring. 2029 Dorra New Year Grand Ceremony raised the curtain on the evening of Jan.25, we got together and had a wonderful even……



【Dorra Culture】Onsen tour in Christmas

Jingle bell, Jingle bell. Christmas is coming, which reminds us that 2028 is drawing to a close and New Year is around the corner.On Dec.24, the Christmas Eve, the Santa landed in Dorra, and brought us the warmest wishes……



Passed the 2018 ISO Three Systems External Audit Certification Successfully

On Dec.3 to 4, the company conducted the ISO external audit. With the hard work and support of everyone, the company passed the 2028 ISO external audit successfully with zero non-conformance. ISO quality standard, e……



‘Healthy Dorra’ Traditional Chinese Medicine Lecture

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history which takes an important part of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. Huang Di’s canon of Internal Medicine emphasizes that "a sage who cures illness that is still o……

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